Zion Williamson, a third girl pops up: “You’re a sex addict!”

The affair involving Zion Williamson in recent days is enriched with details and protagonists. After the accusations of porn star Moriah Mills in recent days, including of alleged threats received by the family of the player’s girlfriend, now a third girl has joined the controversy, such Yami Taylor, who shared further allegations to Williamson on Instagram.

Both she and Mills were resentful when they found out that Zion Williamson was having an affair with them as he was about to become a father. Both said they were unaware of it and complained about improper attitudes, according to them, on the part of the New Orleans star. Taylor in particular also posted a photo of Zion, in which the player can be seen sleeping in his bed, albeit with his back turned.

It’s not about attention seeking, I earn my money in real life and I’ve never been a prostitute or sold my body. But if you gave expensive gifts to your tr**es that didn’t have 100K, Because I didn’t get my Bentayga [un modello di Bentley, ndr] and my Richard Millie last summer? Zion, is it because I didn’t let you film me? I never gave you a threesome or I wasn’t on PornHub, so I guess it was all a joke to you! I probably never had a chance with you, you sex-sick creep!

Someone tell my sister Moriah that if he takes her to live in New Orleans, I’m coming too! I am an aspiring microblading artist. [tatuaggio cosmetico, ndr], he I don’t even want to touch him, not anymore. I certainly can’t live with the mother of his child, it would be too much.

And you were here sleeping comfortably while you had impregnated another tr**y!

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