YouTuber tries to prank Ray Allen: he becomes a beast

Ray Allen is always one step ahead, and he has proven it once more. Apparently he is also still as much on the ball as when we last saw him on a basketball court.

The Hall of Famer recently had a rather embarrassing encounter with a group of YouTube pranksters who tried to get the better of Allen. No one can fool Ray because he immediately noticed that the prankster’s accomplice was filming him inside a store.
It was at this point that the two-time NBA champion began berating the pair for their failed prank attempt:

Ray Allen clearly was not happy to be the target of the prank. It seems that the prank was centered on a boy who emits loud farts in public and catches the viewer’s reaction. To be honest, it was not very clever and Allen saw right through it.

Allen approached the boy who was recording and asked him to stop recording. “Jesus Shuttlesworth” was also not exactly kind to the cameraman if we must say so. This should serve as a lesson to all the fans out there who want to prank Ray.

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