Edy Tavares set to return to the NBA with a RICH CONTRACT?

Edy Tavares, Real Madrid’s 31-year-old center, is widely regarded as the most NBA-ready player in the entire EuroLeague.

With his dominant performances in all parts of the game, including winning EuroLega titles and earning the Final Four MVP honor last season, Tavares has solidified his status as the best center in European basketball.

Despite receiving an offer from the Portland Trail Blazers last summer, Tavares could not make the move because of a massive buyout clause in his contract with Real Madrid. However, with his deal expiring this summer, he will have the freedom to explore opportunities in Europe and the NBA.

But as Tavares approaches free agency, his status as EuroLega’s best player comes at a heavy price. Major European clubs are poised to offer him a higher salary in Europe, which could discourage him from pursuing NBA opportunities until free agency begins in July.

Given this, Tavares has some expectations for his NBA contract, including a significant role on a competitive team and a salary that could potentially reach a mid-level exception, which has been estimated at around $12.5 million for the current season, sources tell BasketballNews.

Only time will tell if an NBA team will present Edy Tavares with a multi-year contract in line with his needs.

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