Williams-Goss explains why EuroLega regular season is more competitive than NBA regular season

Olympiacos guard Piraeus, Nigel Williams-Goss, believes there are definite reasons why the EuroLeague regular season is more competitive than the NBA regular season.

“I definitely think the EuroLeague regular season is more competitive just because it’s a shorter season.” Williams-Goss told Eurohoops. There are not 82 matches, but 34. Of course, when you reduce the number of matches, each match becomes more important. This is just because of the number. If we played 82 games, probably every game would not be as competitive. I think that’s normal.”

“And then the games are shorter, 40 minutes.” Williams-Goss always added. Eurohoops. This keeps the matches more competitive. If you look at the World Cup, I think if you lengthen some matches from 40 to 48 minutes, teams with more talent have more time to break away. But when you shorten the games you give everyone a chance. Steal a couple of possessions and eventually have a chance to win the game.”

Williams-Goss played with the Utah Jazz in the NBA in 2019-20 after spending the first two years of his career in Europe and the EuroLeague with Oly.

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