NBA Summer League, another very complicated night for our boys

The NBA Summer League in Las Vegas continues, and our boys continue to struggle to really put themselves on display.

Yet another loss for Alessandro Pajola’s Dallas Mavericks, this time against the Milwaukee Bucks. The class of 1999 from Virtus Bologna also started in the quintet on this occasion. But even tonight he didn’t particularly leave his mark because, it’s true that he dished out 3 assists, it’s towards that he scored a bomb in the only conclusion attempt he took, but it’s not really something unparalleled in about 16 minutes of usage.

Matteo Spagnolo also lost as the Minnesota Timberwolves surrendered 102 to 83 in front of the Brooklyn Nets. Similar numbers from the 2003 class from Puglia owned by Real Madrid to those of Pajola: 2 points and 2 assists in 13 minutes of usage.

In general we have noticed that both young prospects in our basketball struggle to make the basket, something that happens much less in Serie A and in broken conditions where you train every day, always with the same teammates. Both Pajola and Spagnolo however will play in Europe next season, with the former staying at Virtus while the latter is looking for placement between Italy and Spain.

Let’s see if in a couple of seasons they can establish themselves at the European level so as to snatch an NBA call-up, despite this uninspiring Summer League.

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