Who are the four participants in the Slum Dunk Contest 2023

The names of the four participants in the Slam Dunk Contest to be held during the All Star Weekend scheduled for Feb. 17-19 in Salt Lake City have been made official.

No “big-name” names and the absence of Aaron Gordon but there seems to be material to have fun with the four selected nonetheless. Let’s try to explain who they are.


In his third year in the NBA, he will be the most experienced player in the quartet. He has posted more than 100 dunks on the season and is having the best year of his career, averaging more than 11 points per game.


According to the US media, he is the favorite to win the Crush Race. The 2003 Canadian rookie, chosen in the last Draft with the seventh overall call, has already hinted at excellent potential and all-important athleticism. So far he is traveling at 7 points per match.


In his second year in the NBA, he is showing exponential growth from his rookie season. In the Pelicans’ extraordinary year he is emerging with many spectacular plays, so far producing 12.5 points on average starting often in the quintet and adding a percentage from the arc close to 40%. A player definitely to keep an eye on, even outside the Slum Dunk Contest, of which he was the last participant to be made official.

There will also be a developmental league player, further demonstrating how much the NBA is increasingly focusing on the G-League from all angles, including media. McClung is playing for the Delaware Blue Coats, an affiliate of the Detroit Pistons, after training camp with the Golden State Warriors.

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