VIDEO: SENSATIONAL BEVERLEY! He enters the field with a PHOTO CAMERA to show the referee error.

The Lakers’ Patrick Beverley, just like the rest of the NBA world, couldn’t help but complain about Jayson Tatum’s clear foul on LeBron James in the final seconds of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. In fact, he even brought a professional camera to show the obvious mistake.

With the game tied 105-105 and with less than a second to go, LeBron James missed what could have been a game-winning lay-up. However, replays of the incident showed Tatum hitting LeBron’s arms as he took the shot and those two free throws could have given the Purple & Gold the win.

As both teams headed to the bench to prepare for overtime, Beverley of the Lakers took the opportunity to get a professional camera and discuss how NBA referees could have missed such an obvious foul. Of course, the official gave him a technical for this behavior of his.

It was certainly a frustrating moment for LeBron James, Patrick Beverley, and the Lakers. In a game as crucial and high-profile as this one, it’s really important to referee well.

Unfortunately for the Purple and Gold, they fell victim to one of the NBA’s biggest and most pressing problems in recent years.

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