Kevin Durant criticizes Shaq, O’Neal’s response is vitriolic

Back-and-forth via social media between Kevin Durant and Shaquille O’Neal.

It all stemmed from an irreverent remark, as usual, by Shaq during an ESPN live broadcast. O’Neal was asked for his opinion on Rui Hachimura’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers, he replied that he doesn’t know the player because he only cares about top players: “If you’re not in the top ten players in the league, I don’t know you. I certainly don’t look at the Bullets (Washington’s old name, ed.) or the Wizards.”

Durant retweeted the live clip, adding (jokingly), “So Shaq doesn’t know anything about basketball?”

O’Neal’s response came under another tweet from KD, unrelated to the topic. Shaq got personal, talking about Durant’s impending baldness issues, again with irony.

I may not know anything about basketball but I know when to shave my hair to zero or otherwise cut it off when the balding comes. Love, the bus driver.

Durant, however, took it philosophically, admitting that he was “tarred.”

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