VIDEO: mini RISE between Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls! John Collins stars

John Collins did not have the best moment of his career when the Utah Jazz faced the Chicago Bulls led by DeMar DeRozan. With about 9 seconds left in the game he had an unpleasant confrontation with Torrey Craig and assistant Chris Fleming.

It started with a scuffle between Torrey Craig and John Collins. What catalyzed the conflict was the back-and-forth between Collin Sexton, Collins, and Chris Fleming. Then, emotions got the better of the Utah Jazz wing, who used brute force on Chris Fleming of the Chicago Bulls. The benches of both teams began to rise..

Andre Drummond even started chasing Collins. Fortunately, he was unable to catch up with him. The confrontation quickly dissipated as heads began to settle in the final seconds. The referees had to review the incident for a while. They awarded unsportsmanlike fouls to Fleming, Craig, and Collins.

The game ended with the Bulls defeating their opponents by two points. Great performances by DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic and Ayo Dosunmu were marred by this unfortunate event. Collins and Sexton also put up great numbers for the team, but it was all for naught.

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