VIDEO – Draymond Green and Jordan Poole\’s extremely violent punch.

After many indiscretions, the video Of the fight between Draymond Green e Jordan Poole During a Golden State Warriors practice.

The images were previewed by TMZ Sports, a portal always at the forefront regarding \”gossip\” related to the NBA world. In the video, it is understood that the altercation occurred while the game was stopped, allegedly during an intervention by the technical staff that had interrupted the classic 5 vs 5 in practice.

It can be guessed that Green and Poole are exchanging words at a distance, then the wing approaches the guard and goes against his chest. At this point Poole pushes his comrade with two hands and Green lashes out at him, lashing out with a fist. Shot that seems to go in, although it is not crystal clear from the images.

In recent hours, rumors have emerged about a bad attitude of Poole during training camp. Behavior that must not have pleased Green, about whom there is also talk of some discontent, due in part to the rich contract extension granted to his comrade while he is still waiting for his new signature.

Warriors bigwigs (from president Myers to coach Kerr, via Curry and Iguodala) have denied these rumors but the pictures seem to tell a whole different reality.

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