Draymond Green, after punch in Poole comes offers to become a professional boxer

The video of the punch of Draymond Green a Jordan Poole during a training session of the Golden State Warriors quickly made the rounds of the web.

It was also viewed by influencer and boxer Jake Paul, known for arranging boxing matches against other celebrities in recent years. Paul must have glimpsed talent in the punch Dryamond Green threw at his partner, so much so that he offered him a rich cachet for a boxing match.

The American star, in fact, through Twitter has delivered to Golden State\’s wing an offer of 10 million dollars to fight a match, obviously on pay-per-view. Jake Paul, who has personally challenged Nate Robinson in the past, also proposed the opponent with whom Green should share the ring: another former basketball player, Deron Williams.

Draymond I got $10 million for you to get in the ring on the next Most Valuable Promotions pay per view. Who you want? @Money23Green

– Jake Paul (@jakepaul) October 7, 2022

Clearly at the moment this is a mere provocation, an attempt by Paul to gain further visibility by riding the trending topic of the moment. Who knows, however, that it may turn into reality, from the U.S. show business we can expect anything.

Draymond Green vs Deron Williams.

Who wins? pic.twitter.com/t7VAp33wIw

– Jake Paul (@jakepaul) October 7, 2022

Meanwhile, the Warriors\’ season is not starting under the best auspices, despite attempts to throw water on the fire by President Myers but also Iguodala, Curry and Coach Kerr.

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