Steve Kerr and Steph Curry comment on the brawl between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole

The brawl between Draymond Green e Jordan Poole during a training session of the Golden State Warriors is causing discussion in the NBA world, especially after the latest details emerged.

The Bay Area franchise is considering internal measures but in the meantime is trying to throw water on the fire, especially regarding the alleged causes of the altercation. According to some sources, Poole is alleged to have mounted his head and annoyed his teammates with his attitude during training camp, while Green did not like the rich contract extension guaranteed to the guard while his renewal is still on hold. Rumors denied by Andre Iguodala first and President Bob Myers later.

Later also. Stephen Curry spoke on the subject.

Jordan Poole is a great guy. There is nothing that can justify what happened yesterday, I want to make that clear. But above all, we are aware that this will not affect our season, in which Draymond Green will play a very important role.

Same tone used by the coach Steve Kerr.

Someone started a rumor that Jordan Poole had a bad attitude during training camp. There is nothing further from reality.

Kerr double downs on this statement. \”Someone put out there that Jordan had an attitude during camp – that couldn\’t be further from the truth.\”

– Kendra Andrews (@kendra__andrews) October 6, 2022

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