VIDEO: Doncic got a technical for furiously throwing the ball at the referee

One of the biggest talking points in the NBA this season has been the issue of refereeing. From fans to players to the media, complaints about refereeing have been constant. One player who has had to deal with refereeing this season has been Luka Doncic, star of the Dallas Mavericks. The issue continued Thursday during the Mavs’ game against the Phoenix Suns, when Luka Doncic received a technical foul for apparently throwing the ball angrily toward a referee.

During a stoppage during the game between the Mavs and Suns, Luka Doncic had an altercation with one of the officials while the referee was signaling Doncic to give him the ball. Doncic held onto the ball for a while before forcefully hurling it in the direction of the referee.

Luka Doncic immediately appeared to recognize his mistake and attempted to plead his case with the referee, who promptly awarded him a technical foul. TNT’s team of Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller agreed with the technical foul, and Miller said Doncic was lucky not to be ejected. Suns wing Josh Okogie noticed the confrontation and immediately flagged a technical foul.

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