Dwight Howard, problems with justice don’t end: here’s what happened

A Georgia judge has rejected a request by lawyers for former NBA star Dwight Howard to immediately dismiss a lawsuit against him that alleges sexual assault and battery.

The Gwinnett County judge made that decision this week, according to a document obtained by ESPN, also deciding to seal a document filed in December 2023 that contains what Howard’s lawyers claim are embarrassing and sexually explicit text messages.

The lawsuit was filed in July 2023 by Stephen Harper, who alleges that Howard sexually assaulted him during a July 2021 meeting at Howard’s Georgia residence, as well as “intentional infliction of emotional distress” and false imprisonment.

“My comment at this time is that we are pleased that the court denied Mr. Howard’s motion and look forward to proving our client’s case.”, Harper’s lawyer Olga Izmaylova told ESPN on Thursday.

The case is still under investigation and they have not yet set any trial.

“Justice will prevail and we have full confidence in our judicial system and the process.” Justin Bailey, one of Dwight Howard’s lawyers, told ESPN. “This order is a part of the process. We will engage in the investigation and further prove our case, and when the time is right we will let our future pleadings speak for themselves.”.

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