There are a couple of very beneficial clauses in Bradley Beal’s new contract

Bradley Beal is one of the free agents who signed a new contract in recent days. The guard signed a new deal with the Washington Wizards which therefore will remain, at least for the time being, the only team of his career NBA.

Beal’s new contract is on monstrous figures, as many as 251 million total over the next five years. The seasons will actually be four for sure, since the last year is a player option that the player will most likely exercise anyway.

The curious aspects of the new deal, however, are others. First, the fact that the contract also includes a “no trade clause”, meaning a clause whereby Beal cannot be traded without first explicitly accepting the new destination. He is currently the only NBA player to have such treatment and the tenth in league history, following LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Tim Duncan, David Robinson and John Stockton.

In addition, Beal will also benefit from a “trade kicker” equal to 15% of his remaining salary in the event of a trade should he accept a trade. This term denotes a bonus, found in the contracts of many stars, received by a player who is involved in a trade and is calculated based on the total emoluments the athlete has not yet received. The payment is charged to the selling franchise but impacts the salary cap of the acquiring one.

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A deal, the one between Beal and the Wizards, that has been called by all insiders a masterstroke by agent Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports.

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