Famous streamer plays online with Luka Doncic but doesn’t believe it

In 2023, it may also happen that you unknowingly find yourself in playing online games with an NBA star like Luka Doncic.

It happened to the famous streamer M0xyy who found himself challenging the Slovenian on Overwatch 2 While broadcasting live on his channel Twitch. Doncic’s identity came up by accident, as he was playing under the pseudonym Donatello. Moxyy asked him if he had any hobbies, the European star replied that he plays basketball. Then the questions continued and Doncic revealed that he plays in the Dallas Mavericks, “the real ones.” Many fans flooded the chat “shouting” at the Mavs star’s name, but the streamer wanted to see it through and asked Doncic for some information such as his date of birth and his mother’s name to confirm his identity. Eventually the proverbial autograph request.

Now the fear of fans is that Doncic, by virtue of his left thigh injury, will have much more time to play Overwatch. This is good news for his fans who use the video game who will have more opportunities to “meet” him, as happened to Moxyy.

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