The (somewhat tacky) jewel given to LeBron James for record points

The NBA wanted to pay tribute to LeBron James with a celebratory jewel for the feat of breaking the all-time record for points scored in the league.

A strongly evocative object but quite tacky, although “de gustibus non disputandum est,” they would have said in ancient Rome. It is a gold necklace with a pendant that at the front depicts a lion surmounted by a crown, made with purple gems. There is also the inscription “NBA All-Time Leading Scorer” with the two numbers worn in LeBron’s career, 23 and 6. In the back the symbols of the three teams he played for (Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers) with the list of records and awards that LBJ has achieved in his career. Notably, the first line reads “LeBron James Record: 38,888 and counting” as a reminder that the King will have time to improve his numbers even more.

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