The whole NBA is wondering what happened to Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is currently one of the most talked about men in America and the entire sports world. Not that it’s anything new for him to be in the spotlight, but ever since he asked the Brooklyn Nets to be traded in the NBA world, it’s all anyone has been talking about.

In response, KD would be ghosting the entire NBA. Clearly soon after the news of his willingness to make a change, executives and opponents began pestering him with calls to convince him to join their team. A series of pressures endured unwillingly by Durant, who would then decide to not answer any “work” calls or texts.

Reporting it Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports which at this point also denies the tentative rumor, circulated a few days ago, of telephone contact between the star and his former Golden State teammates. Durant, at the moment, is unavailable to anyone other than those closest to him, i.e., family, close friends and perhaps attorneys.

KD’s only signs of life come from social media, although even online his activity has been greatly reduced in recent days and is all about business. A tweet celebrating Chet Holmgren’s Summer League debut with a pair of his signature shoes on his feet and then the trailer for the launch of NYC Point Gods, a documentary produced by Durant, due out later this month. Only a couple of responses to other tweets, usually a specialty of the house, about the hot topic, written on July 2. From there, silence on social (except for publicity posts) and on the phone.

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