Draymond Green comments in his own way on Kevin Durant’s trade request

The trade request made by Kevin Durant vis-à-vis the Brooklyn Nets has been the most talked about topic in the NBA world for days.

KD has received criticism from all sides, accused by fans of not having the courage to stand up to challenges, preferring to go to teams already packaged to win, where his contribution might not even be decisive. In short, people accuse Durant of not being a champion and a drag.

Draymond Green in his podcast wanted to have his say on the subject, siding in defense of his former partner around a pivotal concept of modern sports: athletes are now corporations and no longer just sportsmen.

People have to start accepting that athletes are now businessmen and not just basketball players. We make decisions based on business to make our own interests, so why if one of us makes a business choice should people call him a coward or unable to compete? We all spend our lives trying to control what is going to happen to us in the future, and in the NBA being able to do this is so difficult, so when an opportunity like this comes along, it is right to take it.

I wonder if KD will have appreciated the words of Green, who by the way could be his partner again, considering that the Warriors could also get to Durant.

Source: The Draymond Green Show

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