The All Star Game will return to its roots: East vs. West, and more

After a few years of experimentation, the NBA has announced that for theAll Star Game of this season, the Feb. 18 in Indianapolis, it will return to the classic format. That is, the field will face the Eastern and Western Conference selections., no longer two mixed teams chosen via draft.

But not only that: all quarters will last 12′, including the last one, which in past years ended with the Target Score, a threshold score that either team had to reach to win. The All Star Game in Indianapolis will therefore end after 48′, if there is no overtime, like any NBA game. The team that wins each quarter will be able to decide which charity to donate a sum of money to.

The event has gradually lost interest in recent years, despite the changes attempted by the NBA. Who knows if a return to the past will benefit the league in its attempt to make the All Star Game an enjoyable game.

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