Spurs rookies ‘unintentionally’ troll Russell Westbrook

I San Antonio Spurs, with the trade of Dejounte Murray to Atlanta, have plunged back into extreme rebuilding. At the last draft they arrived in the order. Jeremy Sochan (9th choice), Malaki Branham (20th pick) and Kennedy Chandler (38th pick). Two of these, Sochan and Branham, could have a good space in the rotations next season, and in a game devised by the NBA they immediately showed that they also have genuine personalities.

The game consisted of guessing words just by the clues given by their partner. The word Sochan had to guess was. “triple-double.”, so what came to Branham’s mind to help him was: “Russell Westbrook has many.”. And indeed Russ is first All-Time for triple-doubles in the NBA with 194. In short, a kind of certificate of esteem that soon turned into a mockery for the Lakers’ point guard. Branham did in fact respond “bricks”, and only after another clue was he able to guess.

Westbrook in recent seasons has been nicknamed Westbrick (“brick” means precisely “brick”) by his detractors for negative performances and many missed shots. He himself, however, has always been sensitive to this derogatory nickname, often reacting angrily to provocative fans. Who knows, this might not happen for the Spurs rookie as well, as the clip soon circulated on social media with thousands of likes and shares.

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