Ja Morant’s father blames son for all the mistakes he made

The biggest news for the Memphis Grizzlies ahead of the 2023-2024 season is the suspension of Ja Morant. Because a video emerged in which he showed a gun to the camera, after he had already been sanctioned by the NBA for a similar incident, the league decided to suspend him for the first 25 games of next season.

The biggest challenge for the Grizzlies will be to stay afloat until Ja Morant returns from his suspension. At the recent Up Next Elite basketball camp, Morant’s father, Tee, made an appearance in which he shed light on Ja’s suspension with the boys who attended the camp.

“My son didn’t get in trouble because of the people around him, he got in trouble because of his decisions. So always be careful about every decision you make, because it can take over you, it can consume you and make you look like who you are not. Whenever you are in a place, think that everyone is watching you, everything is amplified. The smallest thing can make the biggest difference in life.”.

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