Reggie Miller baffled by James Harden affair.

Philadelphia, we have a problem (or problems)! The Philadelphia 76ers are in code red. James Harden’s sudden trade request has apparently put the entire team in crisis. Harden’s discontent has reached an all-time high, with the Sixers star even going so far as to publicly insult Daryl Morey. Worse, it appears that Joel Embiid, reigning MVP, is also disgruntled.
There is one thing that does not add up, at least for Reggie Miller, and that is why James Harden does not want to play with Joel Embiid. After all, the Sixers center is the reigning MVP, and deservedly so. What is Harden trying to get out of this scenario.?

“Joel Embiid was last year’s MVP, right? Have you ever heard of anyone not wanting to play with an MVP? How can you not want to play against the reigning MVP?”

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Actually, it doesn’t seem like Harden is asking to leave because of some rift with Embiid. By all accounts, it appears that Harden’s anger is directed at Morey and the Sixers front office. The star guard is seeking a financially significant extension, but the team is unwilling to give it to him. Moreover, Philly refuses to trade him without getting a high reward in return, further frustrating Embiid. But still, Reggie Miller continues to not understand this affair involving James Harden.

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