Why Nikola Jokic’s perfect race is the “definition of selflessness”

Long players are often too focused on grabbing rebounds and going inside the area to make easy baskets. But Denver Nuggets legend Nikola Jokic is different and has a knack for creating the best opportunities for his teammates. He just produced a perfect game against the Memphis Grizzlies team led by Desmond Bane. Michael Malone knows that this is the perfect example of how to play winning basketball.

“Nikola doesn’t care ‘How many shots am I going to take?’ He finished 11 for 11 tonight; he doesn’t care about that. If Jamal is on fire, he will applaud Jamal. He feels more joy for the success of his teammates. This is the true definition of selflessness.”, said the Nuggets’ top mind after defeating the Grizzlies.

Michael Malone spoke everyone’s mind. Nikola Jokic knows when he can get the spotlight and when someone else in the Nuggets has time to shine. In this matchup, it was his spotlight that was taken. He was igniting Desmond Bane’s team not only through points but in all statistical categories. And once again he proved that he is a true all-around phenom.

Let’s see if these performances will give Nikola Jokic the MVP palm for the third time in his career or if the NBA will decide to go to someone else, like Luka Doncic. Only time and the Serbian and Slovenian’s performances will tell.

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