Kyrie Irving was supposed to play in Drew League, but didn’t show up

In the past few hours we have reported on the return of LeBron James in the Los Angeles tournament of the Drew League, for the first time since 2011. The Lakers superstar was not the only NBA player present on the court; by his side, for example, was DeMar DeRozan. But one piece of news that had caught everyone by surprise yesterday, even before James’s game, was the presence also of Kyrie Irving. The Nets point guard has been linked to the Lakers and Los Angeles for weeks, so an appearance by him in the same gym as LeBron would have ignited rumors. Instead, surprisingly, Irving’s team took the court without him, who apparently did not show up.

Disappointed the more than 100,000 viewers connected by streaming to enjoy Uncle Drew’s performance, similarly disappointed the Drew League commissioner. In fact, Dino Smiley commented on Irving’s absence:

I don’t know what happened. They were pretty sure he was going to show up, but you know how Kyrie is. I guess he changed his mind at the last minute.

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