Escort made viral by Stephen Curry has fallen in love with NBA player

Katherine Taylor is experiencing days of great notoriety. The California girl appeared in the background of a photo in which she Stephen Curry celebrated a basket by mimicking a golfer.

Many users became interested in her after seeing her in that shot. And it benefited the person concerned, who is an escort by trade and doubled her rates as a result of this sudden media wave.

Taylor has been following the NBA for years and cheers for the Sacramento Kings, although he also often follows other teams, such as the Warriors themselves. In a recent interview, he stated that he has a crush on a player from his own favorite team, Kevin Huerter.

I’m from Sacramento and a Kings super fan. I have a big crush on Huerter, he is so “cutie.” Last year we came so close to beating Golden State but at the end Steph came back to himself and knocked us out in game 7. But this year we have other cards to play. And with some pretty girls in the audience anything can happen….

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