Isiah Thomas attacks Warriors: ‘Curry is not a point guard or leader, KD saved his face’

Isiah Thomas has been back in the news in recent hours. A guest on Draymond Green’s podcast, IT attacked Michael Jordan again.

But not only that. Thomas also talked about the dynasty of Golden State Warriors directly with one of the most influential representatives. Not exactly kind words from the former Bad Boy, according to whom. Kevin Durant saved the Bay Area team..

Kevin Durant has saved your legacy and the narrative that will be made of Golden State in the coming decades. With his arrival you won two titles, the Warriors dynasty that will get you into the Hall of Fame was strengthened by KD. Without him you would have been remembered mostly as the team that got a comeback in the Finals when they were down 3-1 and didn’t win the title after a 73-win regular season.

Later Thomas also threw a broadside at Stephen Curry, accusing him of not being a true playmaker nor a leader.

Curry the best point guard of all time? You can’t make that argument; we live in the era of positionless basketball. Draymond, you are Golden State’s true point guard: you make more assists than Steph, you bring up the ball, you start the offensive plays, you set the defense, and you direct the team on the court. Curry comes out of the blocks, catches and shoots. For sure he’s one of the best shooters ever but I won my titles differently, I led my team to win two rings in a row, I was first in points and assists, I led my teammates to win and I was maybe the only one to do it as a true point guard. When Curry talks about the players he was inspired by he mentions Reggie Miller and Ray Allen who are definitely not point guards.

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