Shaq’s son recounts the crucial help he received from Kobe Bryant

Shaquille’s son O’Neal, Shareef, is making his way into the NBA world. After four years of college between UCLA and Louisiana State, the class of 2000 was not selected in the draft and played last Summer League.

In 2018, however, his career was severely jeopardized due to some heart problems. This was resolved with a surgical operation that, however, required a fairly long recovery time. Shareef recounted in an interview with ClutchPoints who at that time Kobe Bryant has been extremely close to him and his family, although historically the relationship between him and Shaq has not been idyllic.

Kobe was one of the people who was closest to me ever. Practically every day after the operation he wrote to me to ask how I was doing. He cared so much about me and always made sure I was okay. Whenever I wanted to go to practice he would tell me to call him, that he would always be available despite the many commitments he had. He always made sure that everything was going well for and my family.


Shareef O’Neal: “Kobe has offered to train me, and I plan to beat him one-on-one!

Shareef O’Neal paid tribute to Kobe Bryant on Instagram.

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