NBA Market – Brooklyn Nets’ request to Toronto Raptors to give up Kevin Durant

The departure by Kevin Durant from Brooklyn is proving less easy than expected. Despite KD’s request for a change of scenery, difficulties are emerging in tacking on trades that will please the Brooklyn Nets.

Among the teams interested in Durant and liked by the player himself are the Toronto Raptors. Negotiations between Brooklyn and the Canadians, however, have not even begun at the moment because there is a currently unbridgeable distance between the parties. In fact, the Nets, in order to initiate any discussions, demand that the exchange include the following Scottie Barnes, last season’s best rookie, one of the NBA’s future stars. The Raptors, however, have no intention of letting Barnes leave, even to get to KD.

Therefore, there seems to be no room for negotiation and in all likelihood Toronto will not join the list of suitors for Durant.


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