The phone call that could change the fate of the Los Angeles Lakers.

At home Los Angeles Lakers uncertainty seems to reign. The yellow-violet management, after last season’s disappointing season, tried to put remedies on the market. The Californians have made some changes but do not give the impression that they have reversed the trend.

Last year. Anthony Davis’ injuries had a big impact, but on a technical level the chemistry between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. has never blossomed. So much so that the former OKC has had a lousy season in terms of offensive production and shooting percentages. Hence a series of trade rumors that would have Westbrook away from Los Angeles but with a lot of difficulty in placing him in a trade given the hefty contract.

Westbrook’s departure therefore is not so obvious despite the recent change of agent makes one lean toward a move. In the past few days, however, the player has been talking by phone with James and Davis: the common will to try again together to improve on last season’s results, as reported by Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports.

There are many question marks within the Lakers, but the trio recently spoke on the phone. James, Westbrook and Davis confirmed common goals and a desire to try again to make their chemistry work. Westbrook’s future is still uncertain but the phone call made it clear that the three are still on the same page.

Will this conversation be enough to start the Lakers’ redemption? In the meantime, there has been evidence that Westbrook is not an undesirable element to his other two teammates and that both James and Davis are still banking on him. Which, given the rumors of recent weeks, was far from a given.

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