Miami Heat, Spolestra swagger: “Altitude? We can play on Everest if they want.”

Eric Spoelstra sounds the charge for his Miami Heat On the eve of the start of the NBA Finals.

Miami approaches the last act of the season once again as an underdog, as has been the case throughout the Playoffs. Ahead of Game 1 scheduled to take place in Colorado, Spoelstra took advantage of the traditional question about the ‘altitude To respond with irony and show muscles.

We are ready. The game will be decided on the parquet, altitude will count for nothing, we can even play on top of Mount Everest if the Nuggets prefer it. At most we’ll have them find the air conditioning turned off when they come to Miami.

After that, getting serious again, the Heat’s coach spoke some great words. respect for Denver and his colleague Malone.

We and the Nuggets have two very strong mentalities, Mike Malone has built a culture and system that is perfect for his two stars. I don’t know why the media underestimated Denver, I understood they would open a cycle by seeing them play in the Orlando bubble in 2020. If Murray had not been injured they probably would have made it to the Finals earlier,

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