Los Angeles Lakers extend Rob Pelinka\’s contract, Twitter riots

I Los Angeles Lakers have extended the contract of Rob Pelinka.

Pelinka will stay general manager e vice president of basketball operations until 2026, continuing in the post he has held since 2017. Despite the disappointments of last season, with market moves that turned out to be completely wrong, the Lakers decided to bet on Pelinka again.

A decision that has puzzled most fans and even many insiders. The so-called \”Twitter people,\” in fact, commented on the news with irony or outrage.

Rob Pelinka was more responsible for last season\’s debacle than Frank Vogel was.

Frank Vogel got fired on Twitter five seconds after the finale. Rob gets a contract extension.

It pays-apparently literally-to be a part of the Lakers family. https://t.co/dlzy0W4x6S

– Sam Quinn (@SamQuinnCBS) October 8, 2022

Rob Pelinka is, arguably, the worst general manager in the NBA and the Lakers said, \”We need more of this.\”

Very unserious franchise.

– Colb (@___Colb___) October 8, 2022

Rob Pelinka not trading Russ and earning a contract extension pic.twitter.com/BdardAnqoR

– Josh Toussaint (@josh2saint) October 8, 2022

i\’ve seen enough of rob pelinka as the gm of the los angeles lakers. he\’s overstayed his welcome at dis point the fact dat he just got a 4 year extension man just wow

– Coach Rome (@Rome_Beast) October 8, 2022

Anyone who thought Rob Pelinka was gonna be gone anytime soon just ain\’t been paying attention to the way the Lakers have been moving the last 5 years lol

– Ry (@JustRyCole) October 8, 2022

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