Scottie Pippen launches HIS version of “The Last Dance”

The Last Dance is one of the most successful docu-films on sports.

Released on Netflix during the lockdown period, made record views telling the story of the latest Chicago Bulls by Michael Jordan. Many, however, criticized the reconstruction of the events, which were considered too filtered through MJ’s vision.

Among these Scottie Pippen Who wrote a book, Unguarded, to tell his view of the facts, and now he has thought of transposing it into a play as well. The event is called No Bull Tour, is produced in collaboration with Australia’s NBL, and it is in the oceanic country that it will see the light of day. The dates, in fact, are scheduled for tomorrow in Tasmania and then touch on Sydney and Melbourne.

Alongside Pippen will be two former teammates, each starring in one of the threepeat of the Bulls in the 1990s. For the first cycle there will be Horace Grant and for the other Luc Longley.

Grant in particular has dubbed the shows the “No Bullshit Tour,” and because of this we expect him to respond in kind to accusations that he was the “mole” in the locker room. We will see whether the performance will be as crackling as we expect and whether it will generate reactions in the United States as well.

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