Scary collision with Jayson Tatum, injury for Jaylen Brown

Injury by the rather singular dynamics for Jaylen Brown of Boston Celtics. It was caused by teammate Jayson Tatum.

It all happens in the closing strokes of the second quarter of the showdown between the Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, then won by Boston 106-99 with a very convincing performance.

After a missed shot from the corner, Brown follows the ball in an attempt to grab the offensive rebound but from the weak side Tatum also arrives and picks up the ball before his teammate and inadvertently hits him with an elbow to the face.

After the confrontation Brown returned to the locker room, the Celtics disclosed that he would not return due to a “facial contusion.” A few hours later more details emerged. Insider Shams Charania reports that there may be a “facial fracture” and that Brown may be forced to miss some games. In the next few hours instrumental examinations and specialist visits will clarify the picture but the possibility that he, too, after Kevin Durant and Zion Williamson, will be forced to forfeit the All Star Game is a real possibility.

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