Kyrie Irving’s opinion on Kevin Durant’s move to the Phoenix Suns is bound to cause discussion

Kyrie Irving e Kevin Durant have left, within hours of each other, the Brooklyn Nets.

Irving went to the Dallas Mavericks and made vitriolic statements about his former team. Durant shortly thereafter ended up at the Phoenix Suns, the former teammate commented on this transaction and once again was not benevolent toward the Nets.

I am glad that he also left, I pray that he is happy and well. Over the past few months we talked a lot about our future, there was so much uncertainty. He was never angry about my decisions, we always tried to understand each other and grow together, like brothers. Things in the NBA change quickly, we are both getting older. I’m glad we are in the same conference, we can see each other and face each other often, I love competing at certain levels.

Words that still hint at a certain chemistry between the two and seem to confirm the hypothesis that they have both decided together to leave Brooklyn. They will no longer play together, but they will surely find themselves in contexts they like more than the environment that was created at the Nets.

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