Scariolo could return to NBA: proposal from Milwaukee Bucks?

Sergio Scariolo has been trying to return to the NBA all of last spring, but failed, but now eyeing the Milwaukee Bucks.

There had been talk of a major talks with the Toronto Raptors, but they set their sights on another European, Serbian Darko Rajaković. He had also had meetings with Real Madrid, which, however, then won the EuroLega and therefore confirmed Chus Mateo. In the end, therefore, the Brescian coach had decided to continue his adventure at Virtus Bologna, before being exonerated shortly before the start of the season for statements that Segafredo’s ownership did not like at all.

Today, according to a report by Giuseppe Sciascia on Superbasket, Sergio Scariolo is reported to have received a proposal from the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA as assistant coach to Adrian Griffin, to replace the resigning Terry Stotts (HERE is the story that led Stotts to resign).

Scariolo is currently thinking about it, after turning down the head coaching proposal from ASVEL Villeurbanne by Tony Parker, who then decided to go for another Italian, Gianmarco Pozzecco. In a few days we will know if Scariolo really will return to the NBA or if he will wait for a call from the EuroLega.

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