Daryl Morey has a portrait of James Harden in his dining room and won’t take it down

The story between Daryl Morey e James Harden ended badly.

The Philadelphia 76ers general manager is the root cause of Harden’s move to the Los Angeles Clippers, at the end of a very long cold war between the player and the franchise. Morey, for his part, does not seem to bear a grudge against his now former protégé.

In 2018, he had a portrait of Harden made by Croatian painter Filip Peraic. The painting has remained in Morey’s living room ever since, who seems intent on keeping it in place.

I will leave it hanging there, it is one of the most valuable objects I own. Harden has changed my life, he is one of the best players ever, and in the future people will really realize how much he has changed this game, even those who now judge him negatively on Twitter will have to recognize his greatness.

Morey wanted Harden in Houston in 2012 and got him again in 2022 upon his arrival behind the desk in Philadelphia. The second part of their story, however, did not end well at all.

Source: ESPN

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