Scandal over Anthony Edwards: a model accuses him of making her have an abortion and not paying for it

Accusations are raining down on Anthony Edwards. The model Paige Jordae claims to have remained pregnant of him and shows chats in which the Minnesota Timberwolves star allegedly asked her to have an abortion, including in ways that were anything but gentle: “Get an abortion lol”.

The influencer with 1.4 million followers on Instagram posted the screenshot of what would be a conversation about iMessage with Edwards himself. In the chats, the player would insist on the girl’s abortion, even asking her for video evidence of ingesting the abortion pills in exchange for a sum of money. After the video was sent, however, the Timberwolves star is seen to stop responding to Jordae’s messages, saying that “his lawyer will take care of it.”. Woman, not receiving the $100,000 promised for the abortion, she then decided to post everything on her own social media.

Paige Jordae also explained why she would spread this conversation.

I never wanted to make this public but my attempts to resolve it privately were repeatedly ignored. A person who knew exactly what he was doing lied to me and manipulated me, now he doesn’t want to take responsibility.

The scandal comes just days after Anthony Edwards’ partner, Jeanine Robel, announced that she is expecting.

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