Dillon Brooks was ejected for excessive flopping

Dillon Brooks managed to get ejected in the most Dillon Brooks way possible. Brooks and the Houston Rockets lost to the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday night with a final score of 128 to 119. With less than a minute left in the fourth quarter and the game already decided, Brooks exaggerated contact with Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton while chasing a loose ball out of bounds. Game official Suyash Mehta did not believe it at all and punished Brooks with a flopping violation (resulting in a technical foul).

This angered Dillon The Villain, who began arguing with Mehta over the call. Mehta responded by sanctioning Brooks with a second technical foul, ejecting him from the game (albeit only for the 38.9 seconds remaining).

Here is the video (which also led to the ejection of Rockets coach Ime Udoka):

Brooks could argue that he was legitimately fouled, but he definitely overreacted a bit. For a player who has been known as a great thrower since his college days, this was a classic situation where he cried wolf for no good reason.

At least Brooks this one was ejected in a game that really mattered, not in a preseason game like last time.

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