LeBron James scares Lakers: ‘I heard a pop,’ but keeps playing even though…

LeBron James was once again among the best on the court in the comeback success against Dallas, starting from -27. The superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer for the past couple of weeks, however, startled the yellow-viola when, in the third quarter, he fell down and from his lips told Anthony Davis to “having heard a pop.” in the right foot. This is never a good sign, and usually such things happen for serious injuries.

Fortunately for the Lakers, James stayed on the court and finished the game. All resolved? That will only be determined by the next few hours, as upon leaving the arena. LeBron was caught on camera limping conspicuously. After the All Star Game, the Lakers’ No. 6 had declared that he could not miss more games to drag his team at least to the Play-in and then to the Playoffs. Who knows if he will now stop or decide to endure the pain.

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