San Antonio already has a drink for Wembanyama: the name says it all

Burst the Webmanyama – Mania at San Antonio.

Fans caroused in the streets as soon as they learned that the Spurs will have the first pick absolute to the next Draft were just a taste. Fever over Victor Wembanyama’s arrival is at an all-time high in San Antonio.

In the hours immediately following the Lottery i switchboards of the franchise have been storming to book tickets and season tickets for the upcoming season. In short, all the talk in town is about the French baby phenom.

Nor have San Antonio’s venues been idle. Mudslingers Coffee, in fact, has decided to dedicate a drink in Wembanyama. It is a cocktail made with kiwi, green apple and Red Bull. They called it “The Alien”, precisely because it is thought (and hoped) that Wemby will prove to be an “alien” in the NBA world. The owner explained that it is a cocktail that is “strong, refreshing and full of energy, like Wemby.”

The impression is that we are really going to see some good things in San Antonio in the coming months.

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