Los Angeles Lakers’ market plans to convince LeBron James to continue

I Los Angeles Lakers are already moving to convince LeBron James To not retire.

LBJ said he was considering quitting after a 4-0 defeat in the Western Conference finals at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. It was news that threw fans but also Lakers teammates and executives into apprehension. Many were quick to appeal to LeBron to convince him to play again.

In the meantime, however, management also seems determined to move on the market. The biggest leverage to convince James not to retire is to equip him with a more competitive team than the current one. A superstar is needed, and the names in the notebook are those of Trae Young e Kyrie Irving, second The Athletic.

Young is probably the most high-level player disgruntled of his current condition. Relations with the Atlanta Hawks are at an all-time low a very disappointing season. In the Lakers’ house it is being considered but at the moment one would still be in the stage of the internal evaluations at the front office. Certainly, should the yellowviola decide to try, they would have to put the following on the plate. a rich offer But there is an element that could make things easier: Rich Paul, Young’s very powerful agent who also looks after the interests of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. He would certainly be happy to see his three stars in the same jersey and would be willing to help fit the various pieces of the puzzle together.

The name of Irving, even in pole position according to Yahoo! Sports. He, like Young, was also on the sidelines for some of the Lakers’ Playoffs matches. Certainly his arrival would make LeBron, who has had a special relationship with him since his Cleveland days, happy. I funds for the operation would come from the non-renewal of several players, which would result in shortened rotations for next season. A risky strategy for a franchise based on an aging forward player like James and an injury prone one like Davis. Irving is a free agent but another route (albeit impassable) to bring him to Los Angeles could be a sign&trade with re-signing for the Dallas Mavericks and immediate transfer to the Lakers. In this case, however, it would require the cooperation of the Mavs, who have little interest in a deal that would actually help a direct rival.

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In short, the deal is far from easy but the yellowviola leadership must go all-in to avert the risk of losing LeBron James.

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