Leonard, what a HUGE wrong to Nike! New Balance enjoys so much

In a move that will make New Balance proud, Kawhi Leonard has actually peeled the Nike logo off his Los Angeles Clippers uniform.

As hawk-eyed fans noticed on the latest Slam Magazine cover with Leonard and his Clippers teammate Paul George, the Nike logo was missing from Kawhi\’s tank top. With a closer look, what remains is the outline where the logo was previously placed.


– husslev 🕊 (@husslev) October 17, 2022

Of course, everyone knows how loyal Kawhi Leonard is to New Balance. He mentions and promotes the brand in every possible way, so it is not surprising why he does not want a rival brand to take advantage of his image.

It is also worth mentioning that Leonard had previously signed a contract with Nike and it is safe to say that their separation was not as good as one would expect. Kawhi Leonard and the apparel giant had a legal battle over Nike\’s use of the Klaw logo belonging to the Clippers star.

Let\’s see if Nike will respond in any way with respect to Kawhi Leonard\’s choice to rip his logo off his jersey so as not to wrong New Balance.

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