INCREDIBLE GAFFE of Adidas insulting Kevin Durant on X

A few years ago in the NBA it was discovered that Kevin Durant used to (and perhaps still does) use a burner account, or a fake account, with which he responded to haters on the then Twitter. Today the social is called X, and to run into a similar case was KD again, but on the other side of the fence. The Phoenix Suns phenom commented on a video in which he Anthony Edwards, at an Adidas event, stated that he would like to see his signature shoes worn by Durant.

“You will NEVER see me put a big toe inside those shoes!” commented KD taking up the video posted by the Nice Kicks account. Indeed, Kevin Durant has always been a Nike-branded athlete, a competitor of the German brand.

Durant’s post was responded to by Adidas, or rather the Adidas social media manager, who insulted the Suns player. “You’re going to retire soon anyway, old man.” was the message mistakenly posted by Adidas’ X account, which was deleted shortly thereafter.

However, the gaffe was obvious for all to see, several users took the time to take a screen shot, and so the brand’s own account had to correct the shot by writing another comment and being ironic. “I wanted to post the comment from my burner account…” the patch put in by the SMM. Honest, no question about it.

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