His manager admits to illegal NBA betting: LeBron James’ words

A case has broken out in the past few hours in the NBA around Maverick Carter, business partner of LeBron James, after he admitted to having in the past bet on the NBA using illegal platforms. Carter allegedly confessed this to federal agents during an interrogation, the Washington Post reported. The confession would date back to November 2021, as part of an investigation around Wayne Nix, a bookie.

“Carter told investigators he placed about 20 bets on football and basketball games over the course of a year, all between $5,000 and $10,000. The documents say that in November 2019, during the Lakers’ title season, Nox’s partner Edon Kagasoff told a ‘professional basketball player manager’ via text message that he could increase his bets on NBA games to $25,000.” wrote the Washington Post. This manager would be Maverick Carter himself.

In recent hours then, after the game against the Thunder, LeBron James himself was asked for comment on the issue. The Lakers superstar responded: “Am I worried about it? No, he is talking about it so much just because he is a person close to me. Maverick is an individual and in the end betting is legal. You can pick up your phone right now and make the bets you want. It has nothing to do with the NFL or the NBA, so he can do what he wants.”. In short, James disassociated himself from his friend’s actions even though, if he had really bet illegally, he would obviously have committed a crime despite the fact that gambling is basically accepted.

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