Josh Giddey case, will these new details exonerate him?

Surprising details have emerged about the Josh Giddey saga: the Australian’s alleged encounter with a minor allegedly took place two years ago. Giddey is being investigated by the Newport Beach, California, police department and the NBA for alleged inappropriate relations with a minor.

The allegations first swept the basketball player via an anonymous social media post last Thursday, which they have since deleted, but the incident actually took place in his rookie season, which was in 2021, CODE Sports reports.

According to the article, Giddey had a very brief affair with the girl, with the assumption that it was a one-night stand. Giddey was 19 at the time, and the report states that the Australian believed the girl was the same age as him, but that she was allegedly 15 and had lied about her age.

“It was determined that the girl had lied about her age in order to gain access to a nightclub, where she interacted with Giddey, which was confirmed by videos on social media.”, the report reads.

Multiple sources confirmed that yes the encounter lasted only one night, ending the next day when Giddey discovered that the girl was still in high school.

All parties involved thought the situation had a happy ending, until about two weeks ago when Josh Giddey learned that videos and photos of the couple might be leaked online.

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