“Don’t pull out your gun”: terrified Rockets fans during Jalen Green’s live IG

The Houston Rockets may not be too good of a team right now, but there is no doubt that Jalen Green, the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, has a bright future ahead of him. Thus, when Jalen Green went live on Instagram not long ago, some fans implored him not to pull out a gun as Ja Morant repeatedly did, because it could prove detrimental to his reputation and his future as an NBA star. But don’t worry Rockets fans, that never seems likely to happen.

During Jalen Green’s latest Instagram live, many fans commented telling the Rockets guard not to “pull out a gun” like Ja Morant did, which got the Memphis Grizzlies guard in trouble with NBA officials. Green then quickly assuaged fans’ concerns, laughing at the idea that he would ever do something like that.

“Everyone is commenting, ‘Don’t pull any guns’.” Green said, laughing. “I don’t have a gun.”.

The growing concern about the social media behavior of NBA stars is understandable, given the influence they have on the next generation of basketball players.

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