Lakers already in the trenches: series of appeals to LeBron James to keep him playing

The news of a possible withdrawal by LeBron James has thrown all fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, especially after the 4-0 loss to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals.

Also hoping for a continuation of the King’s career are internal members of the yellow-violet franchise, executives and players over all. The general manager Rob Pelinka, in fact, was quick to comment, “He has given so much to the game than anyone else, he has every right to decide whether he feels he still gives something or quit. We will give him plenty of time to think about it but of course we hope he will continue to play.”

D’Angelo Russell added that “it would be absurd not to see him on the field again; he still has so much to give.” More in-depth analysis of Troy Brown: “I understand that playing at certain levels at his age is physically and mentally wearing so I don’t judge his doubts. I am optimistic though because I know how much he loves basketball.”

The impression, however, is that these are just the first appeals that will come in the coming weeks to convince LeBron James not to retire.

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