Pistons leave for Paris without Jalen Duren: he lost his passport

Jalen Duren in the last draft was selected with the 13th call by the Detroit Pistons. In these early months, he had no ups and downs, including a 7-game streak in double figures in rebounds. Duren these hours has not left with his teammates for Paris, where the Pistons will face the Chicago Bulls on Thursday in a game exceptionally played outside the U.S. for the Global Games. The motivation is almost comical: as reported by James Edwards III, Duren misplaced his passport and thus could not board an international flight.

Jalen Duren is not currently with the Pistons because the league’s youngest player lost his passport lol. The team is working and hoping to get him here in time for the game.

The long player, who is the youngest player currently in the NBA, hopes to join the Pistons late in the season, as soon as he clears things up with U.S. authorities by receiving a new passport.

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