Why did Draymond Green insult 40% of NBA players?

When it comes to basketball IQ, Golden State Warriors wing Draymond Green believes it is not a characteristic of all NBA players.

Although many on social media make fun of some players for their stats or occasional airballs, the reality is that all players in the league play at a very high level; after all, you have to be extremely good to be even the worst player in the NBA.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all players have a basketball IQ. They can have talent, size, and athletic gifts like no other player. But when it comes to making the right play or having the awareness to make a decisive choice, it is something that only a portion of NBA players can do.

For Draymond Green, only less than 60 percent of NBA players possess a superior basketball IQ.

“Number one: not only do I think there aren’t many guys who have a higher level basketball IQ, I also don’t think there are many guys who have a basketball IQ in general in the NBA.”, said the Warriors star in a recent appearance at The Pat Bev Podcast. “We’re talking about less than 60 percent of the NBA.”, he concluded.

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